CyanoClust database

Database of homologous proteins in cyanobacteria and plastids

Developed by Naoki Sato Laboratory, University of Tokyo

This server presents cyanobacterial homologs estimated by the Gclust software.
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This page shows only information on CyanoClust. Only HLDS and VLG are functional. Search for CyanoClust should be performed in the main Gclust page.

Current version: 4
Old version (3) is available from Version history

New: The genomic sequence of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 strain GT-S (a laboratory strain) was published under an accession number AP012205. This includes many revisions of the genomic sequence itself as well as overall revision of gene annotations and N-termini of about 100 proteins. This will be the standard of the GT strains.
Ref: A paper on CyanoClust is now published in DATABASE, an Oxford journal.
Coordinated use of NCBI, Genome Net, Kazusa, Cyanidioschyzon and TAIR with CyanoClust will be most effective.
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